One Ice Cream Cone, Minus the Ice Cream Please

Summer seems to be arriving here in Salt Lake City. We are expecting temperatures in the low 80’s this weekend and it’s about time! I have camping trips, backyard barbeques, and ice cream on the mind. I’ll bet you do too.

I talk to small business owners every day. I admire their Read More..

Fight Back!

Have you been hit hard by the recession? Are you finding that your margin of error in managing your business is gone? Never before has it been more important to fully understand and manage your business by the numbers. Accounting is the language of business. It’s not enough to do the work anymore, Read More..

Accounting - Your Management Controls

Would you ever drive your car blindfolded? Obviously, not!

Nonetheless, every day millions of business owners drive their businesses without knowing their financial locations: where they have been, where they are, and where they are going. That sure sounds blindfolded to us.

As your profit and Read More..

Your Own Accounting System

You want an accounting system that gives you peace of mind while increasing your bottom line. We’re guessing that you also want to reduce taxes, improve cash flow, and manage your business more profitably.

That’s what we do best! Work with us, and select the accounting system that Read More..

Why Outsource Your Accounting

Accounting is a core business function. Without accounting, a business is sure to fail. With accounting, a business might survive. With accounting managed by a Profit Center Expert, a business is certain to succeed.

You’re probably already familiar with the bleak forecast for new small Read More..

Why our Services?

Not only is our company genuinely interested in your business’s success, we are also dedicated to providing you with a broad variety of business accounting services at a very affordable price.

We want you to feel like you are our only client. If you have a priority, it becomes our priority, Read More..

Tax Planning and Preparation

There’s one distinguishing difference between tax planning and tax preparation: December 31st. In order to be beneficial, tax planning must occur before the end of the year while tax preparation can only take place after year’s end. Although we can’t promise to eliminate taxes, our tax planning Read More..

Profit and Growth Expert

We trust that if you were forming a team for an upcoming golf tournament, you would want to recruit an expert like Tiger Woods.

Although we may not be the golfer Tiger Woods is, we do take our job as your Profit and Growth Expert just as seriously. While our goal is not to minimize your golf Read More..

Being In the Black

Being in the black can mean a lot of different things. For most business owners, it means being profitable. When a business owner sets out on a new venture, establishing a profitable business is one, if not the only, driver. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs get lost in the day-to-day tasks of Read More..


Only about 1 out of 30 businesses are required to have an audit performed by a Certified Public Accountant, CPA. Some businesses have them performed because the bank from which they seek financing requires it. Other businesses seek audits because they plan to be publicly traded. Regardless of the reason, Read More..